Why Blog?

I’ve been writing and posting stories on a storyteller website for the past 5 years, a place called Cowbird, at Cowbird.com. I never did anything like this before that, and found it to be a vibrant, thriving community of storytellers all over the world.  My writing took off immediately, and I posted stories, sometimes many stories, every day.  In just under five years, I’ve posted over 2,000 stories there, between three different accounts I set up.

My son always said, “It’s just a blog, Dad.” I didn’t really know what that meant – I didn’t really have context for understanding that – I just knew I liked it, and I liked to write and post stories every day.

I never got tired of doing this. I still write and post stories, nearly every day.  I usually put up between 15 and 20 stories a month – on Cowbird.  I discovered a few other sites along the way – AllPoetry, where I’ve posted 450 poems, StoryWrite, where I’ve posted 45 stories, Medium, where I’ve posted about 15 stories – lots of cool places to post stories.  But, none of them had a platform, or a vibrant community, quite like Cowbird.

But now, sadly, Cowbird is folding up its tent. I’m in the process of throwing a Hail Mary Pass to try to stop that, and I am hopeful that it will be caught and we’ll score, and save Cowbird from becoming a read-only library, which is the current plan – but, just in case, and hedging my bets, I decided to start my own blog in WordPress.

So, now, I can say, “Yes, J.B., I am a blogger.” So, here I am.  There will be more to come.  Much, much more.  I have no idea how to even tap into the/a community here, but I’m just going to put this out, and see what happens.

3 thoughts on “Why Blog?

  1. Thanks, Lakshmi! I’m here because of you – I followed the link you left for your site here, and went ahead and joined WordPress, since others mentioned this place, too. Now, I just need to figure my way around here. Looks pretty cool, so far.

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